Personal Watercraft Float

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Imagine a Drive On Roll Off float that blends in with your wooden dock.  The Techstar Model PWC-1 does exactly that.  Techstar supplies the float complete with 4 polyurethane rollers and you build the frame to suit your machine and deck it with the same wood as your dock. 

Model PWC-1 allows easy drive on and roll off with your watercraft.  Ideal for small boats, you can also pull an aluminum up to stay dry while you are away from your cottage. 

The sloped interior and recessed polyurethane rollers mean your PWC always sits in the center.

Personal Watercraft Float



  • Overall dimensions - 81” Wide x 74” Long x 24” High
  • Inside width with Bumpers - 54”
  • Inside width without Bumpers - 59”
  • Shipping weight - 130 Pounds
  • Flotation - 1600 pounds
  • Polyurethane rollers on stainless steel axles and hardware.

Construction - for Watercraft

PWC-cropped-450Build your frame to suit the size of your machine, then center the float under your machine. 
Leave some room to move the float forward or backward to fine tune the drive on, roll off feature.
Techstar Bumperboys protect your dock and PWC.

Construction - for Aluminum Boat

Build your frame to the size of your boat and place the float near the back.
We do not recommend driving an aluminum onto the ramp, rather you should pull it up by hand or winch.