How to choose a Techstar Dock Float

Even with a large selection, choosing the perfect Techstar dock float is easy! Here's how:

choose-dock-float1. What are your length and width requirements? Is this dock going to merely be access to your boat or will it be a floating deck capable of supporting 20 people with deck chairs and coolers? Keep in mind that the larger the floating dock, the more stable it will be.

2. What are your height requirements? Height out of the water (freeboard) is a key factor in your float selection. All of our floats will draw about 4 inches of water with a deck but no other load. Therefore the deck on a 16" high dock should have about 12" of freeboard before anyone steps on. This is a great height for most cottage docks offering maximum stability for your dollar. You may have noticed that older floating docks were built with used barrels and they were always tippy. Shoulder Floats and All Purpose Floats can be used with different frame lumber to vary the overall height. A 2x10 frame will make a dock 2" higher than a 2x8 framed dock.

3. Do you have an application for built-in bumpers? Techstar Bumperfloats can be spread out to any width using All Purpose Floats or Heavy Duty Shoulder Floats as centrefloats.

4. What can I afford? All Purpose Floats are our most economical line, Shoulder Floats are the most expensive with Bumperfloats and Skid Plate Floats in the middle.

5. Can I leave my new dock in all year round? On many lakes this is possible however you do need to check with people on your lake for ice break up conditions in the spring. To leave a floating dock in, make sure it cannot touch anything other than water. Separate all floating sections and ramps by disconnecting hinge pins. Anchor the deep end and tie off the shallow end to shore leaving about 6 feet of slack. Techstar Skid Plate Floats have molded holes on the bottom to attach skid plates allowing you to drag your dock out with heavy equipment.

Techstar Dock Floats offer these features:

• Molded of 100% virgin black LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) by stress free rotational molding.
• UV8 ultraviolet light stabilizer compounded in.
• 10 year warranty.
• Foam filled with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) for added security.