Spring Platforms


Spring Platforms (backsavers)

TECHSTAR SPRING PLATFORMS, known as “backsavers”, make material handing a lot easier and safer on the back because they eliminate excess bending. They’re an excellent investment in safety and we highly recommend them. Here’s how they work. As you load your materials into the cart, the platform automatically lowers with the weight. When you remove the materials, the platform automatically raises to an optimal working level which means minimal bending. BACKSAVERS are available for just about all STARCARTS™. The heavy duty vinyl cover is extra strong and easy to clean. And best of all, they are a snap to install – just hook it onto the lip of the cart.

Techstar stocks Model # 125Spring (which fits all models of 125 Starcarts) and Model # 145Spring (which fits all modes of 135, 145, 150 and 155 Starcarts). Others are available on request.