Bullseye™ Triplet

  • Trip 013
  • Trip 013
Model No.Capacity (Imp/US Gal)VolumeDimensions (L x W x H)Shipping Weight
595 12/15 x 3 55 liters x 3 47" x 17" x 28" 60 pounds

Bullseye Triplet

The Bullseye™ Triplet boasts a unique top loading option for space saving in constricted areas. It offers the following features:

  • Recycling and waste disposal in one unit.
  • Smooth ergonomic design for easy cleaning.
  • A range of attractive colours to choose from.
  • The option of having a black base to increase recycled content.
  • Stress-free rotomoulding for extra strength and durability.
  • A variety of labels is included (3 languages) with every unit.
  • Hinged lid.
  • Comes with three 12 imperial gallon liners (use 26” x 36” garbage bags)
  • Any of the 3 holes can be trimmed out larger as shown in the Twin picture: