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Material Handling Products

Choosing the Right Starcart™️


Consider the material you want to move; consider size or volume restrictions for the inside of your desired cart and compare these to our listed inside cart dimensions. 


Be sure to consider where you’ll use the cart; doorways, hallways, elevators and spaces in between pose their own restrictions. Compare these to our listed outside cart dimensions.


Think about the maximum weight of the materials you’ll be handling. If you require at least a 300lb load capacity, a cart with an 800lb load capacity will roll easier (larger wheels) and last longer (thicker walls). In the long run this may be better value for you. 


Would an Easy Access cut out or a Spring Lift Platform be advantageous to you? Think of how high your materials may be piled or how much bending is required by the material handler. These options really allow you to maximize the height of your cart. 


Also consider the best caster pattern for your application, and the type of surface you’ll be using the cart on. Starcarts are available in 3 caster patterns: Corner pattern offers 2 swivel and 2 rigid casters mounted on each of the 4 corners. Corner casters deliver the most stability for safely moving heavy loads and can handle distances well. The All-Swivel pattern offers 4 all-swivel casters mounted on each of the four corners; all swivel casters are best for tight areas. The Diamond pattern offers 2 swivel and 2 rigid casters mounted in a diamond configuration. Diamond casters turn easiest and can handle long distances well.