Recycling Stations & Containers

Original Recycling Solutions!

Recycling only works when people participate. And more people will participate when the recycling containers are attractive and user-friendly. The Bullseye™ series has been designed to maximize participation rates and encourage source separation by combining function, style and durability. With several different lid openings and identifying labels source separation of recyclable materials is easier and more effective. Available in a variety of models, sizes and colours, all Bullseye’s™ have rotomoulded impact resistant seamless bodies. That means they are remarkably durable and easy to clean. Plus, they look good so they you can place them just about anywhere – from the boardroom to the cafeteria to the shopping mall – and they’ll fit right in. Custom design your station. Keep in mind that we can custom design the Bullseye’s™ you choose in 2, 3 or 4 paks so you can create your own unique recycling station.

TECHSTAR™ Bullseye’s™ can be customized to fit YOUR needs! These recycling containers can be custom designed in 2 paks, 3 paks, etc. to suit your particular application. Further personalize with your choice of colours and lid configuration to create your unique recycling station! Please call for details.

* All of these recycling containers are stocked in blue but available in all of our standard colours and premium colours at no extra cost!