Low Profile Shoulder Float

The Low Profile Shoulder Float is uniquely moulded with a mounting shoulder and holes to bolt through to your frame. They are great for all applications, including commercial docks and large residential docks.

Features and Benefits

  • Low Profile Shoulder Float allows you to use any size framing lumber and bolt sideways thru a choice of 8 molded holes.
  • Now foam filled for added security.
  • 12” of flotation sits under your frame
  • Many dock builders find this float the easiest to build with.

A minimum of one LP-2448 is required for every 20sqft of dock surface. If your dock is going to be 30’x12’ (360sqft) you would need 18 floats minimum (360sqft divided by 20 = 18) to float your dock properly. 4 Floats should be placed in the corners and the balance spread out evenly throughout the rest of the surface area.

Model No.
Outside Dimensions (inches)
Flotation (lbs)
Average Wall Thickness
Sq. Foot Deck Coverage
Weight (lbs)
Per Skid
24 x 48 x 16
425 lbs
48 lbs