Doublewall Starcarts™

When you need a cart that can handle even the roughest jobs, you can’t go wrong with the Doublewall Starcart™. Designed to handle abuse, the reinforced doublewall thickness can stand up to just about anything! Model 1000B has a painted steel base with 6” threadguard casters in your choice of corner or diamond caster pattern. Model 1200B has a treated plywood base with 6” threadguard casters, in a diamond caster pattern. Double Wall Starcarts™ are stocked in grey with other colours available on request. Replacement casters available upon request.

** Special order item. Price and delivery quoted on request.

Model No.
Caster Pattern
Caster Size
Cubic Feet
Inside (inches)
Outside (inches)
Max Load (lbs)
Weight (lbs)
Stock Colours
Corner or Diamond
49 x 30 x 29
52 x 32 x 37
1500 lbs
125 lbs
Blue (02)

1200B** (Special Order Item)

Model Number: 1200B**
Caster Pattern:
Corner or Diamond
Caster Size (inches): 6″
Bushels: 20
Cubic Feet: 24
Inside (inches): 49 x 30 x 29
Outside (inches): 52 x 32 37
Max Load (lbs): 1500 lbs
Weight (lbs): 24 lbs
Stock Colours: Blue (02)