Forklift Bins

Forklift Bins come equipped with slots on all four sides making them easy to lift, and maneuver with any forklift machine. TECHSTAR’S™ Forklift Bins both nest when empty and stack when full, making them perfect for minimizing storage space and shipping costs. Each corner has barrel type nesting stops, ensuring a secure hold when nested. As an added bonus, both the bin and the lid are seriously tough, allowing you to stack them on top of one another. Model 4900 is not pallet truck accessible. Options: lids available at extra cost. (lid option shown)
Model No.
Cubic Feet
Outside Dimensions (inches)
Max Load (lbs)
Weight (lbs)
Stock Colours
48 x 42 x 30
1200 lbs
75/30 lbs
Grey (01)
44 x 44 x 46
2000 lbs
90/30 lbs
Grey (01), Blue (02)


Model Number: 4800
Cubic Feet:
Outside Dimensions (inches): 48 x 42 x 30
Max Load (lbs): 1200 lbs
Weight (lbs): 75/30 lbs
Stock Colours: Grey (01)



Model Number: 4900
Cubic Feet:
Outside Dimensions (inches): 44 x 44 x 46
Max Load (lbs): 2000 lbs
Weight (lbs): 90/30 lbs
Stock Colours: Grey (01), Blue (02)