Bardmatic™ Digestor

What is a Digester?

A digester is a container that promotes anaerobic (without air) decomposition of organic materials.  Microorganisms digest the material releasing liquids into the ground and methane gas into the air.  You will be amazed how quickly this happens.  Years later you will still be filling the same unit without emptying it.

What can I put in the Bardmatic?

The Bardmatic is meant to digest all of your organic kitchen waste.  This would include table scraps, peelings, tea leaves, coffee grounds, eggshells, meat, bones and even ashes.  Small amounts of pet feces, grass clippings, weeds and leaves can be included but too much will slow down or almost stop decomposition.

Make sure you do not include plastics, metals, chemicals, paper, rubber, glass or other manmade materials.

Why is it black?

The Bardmatic is moulded of 100% black recycled polyethylene.  Black is the best colour for absorbing heat from the sun while offering the maximum UV protection from the sun.


  • Top diameter – 13″
  • Bottom diameter – 31″
  • Overall height – 39″
  • Weight – 11.5 pounds.

Will my Bardmatic work all winter?

If you continue to feed it all winter, the microorganisms could keep digesting if it does not get too cold.



Dig a hole about 4” to 6” deep and slightly larger than the bottom of your Bardmatic.


Make sure it will sit level.


Dig out the middle as deep as practical.  The more volume the better.


Sit the unit in level and backfill.


Plant grass or wildflower seeds around your new digester.